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Syndicate Bank Probationary Officers -PO General Awareness Previous Question Paper 2010

Syndicate Bank Probationary Officers  Exam Previous Question Paper, 2010 - General Awareness (Held on 29-8-2010]

1. Mr. Mukul A. Sangma has taken over as the—
(A) Chief Minister of Manipur
(B) Chief Minister of Meghalaya
(C) Governor of Meghalaya
(D) Governor of Tripura
(E) None of these
2. As per the reports published in various newspapers Core Sector Industries recorded a 7-2 per cent growth in March 2010. The growth of which of the following industries will not be considered in these figures ?
(A) Coal (B) Steel
(C) Cement (D) Power
(E) Banking
3. How much amount was earmarked in the Union Budget) 2010-11 for infusion in the capital of the public sector banks during the year ?
(A) Rs. 5,000 crores
(B) Rs. 7,500 crores
(C) Rs. 10,000 crores
(D) Rs. 15,000 crores
(E) None of these
4. India recently signed a pact with which of the following SAARC countries which will enable its Prime Minister to have direct communication with the Prime Minister of that country on Hot Line ?
(A) Myanmar (B) Nepal
(C) Pakistan (D) China
(E) None of these
5. As per the report released by the Govt, of India, various Govt, agencies procured about 15 million tonnes of wheat during the recent Rabi season. Which of the following states was the largest contributor to this stock of 15 million tonnes ?
(A) Uttar Pradesh
(B) Kerala
(C) Punjab
(D) Tamil Nadu
(E) None of these
6. As we know the members of the European Union have recently decided to start functioning with a new set of rules and regulations. The newly devised rules are commonly known as—
(A) Treaty of London
(B) Treaty of Lisbon
(C) Paris Treaty
(D) Treaty of Moscow
(E) None of these
7. As per the estimates given by various organizations/agencies China is expected to reach a new economic target during 2010 by becoming world's second largest Economy. This means China will replace—
(A) France (B) Germany
(C) Japan (D) Russia
(E) None of these
8. Who amongst the following is the recipient of the 'Dadasaheb Phalke Award-2010' ?
(A) laved Akhtar
(B) Amitabh Bachchan
(C) Gulzar
(D) DevAnand
(E) None of these
9. "POSCO to invest Rs. 1000 crores more in Maharashtra" was a headline in major financial newspapers recently. POSCO is associated with which of the following businesses as its core business in Maharashtra ?
(A) Fertilizers
(B) Steel
(C) Paper and News print
(D) Automobiles
(E) None of these
10. As per the reports published in various newspapers, "Mineral Output from mining and quarrying sector was up by 11% in April 2010." Production of which of the following cannot be included in above figures ?
(A) Coal (B) Petroleum
(C) Iron Ore (D) Natural Gas
(E) Cement
11. 'General Motors' plans to go public in next two months, was a news in major financial newspapers. This means General Motors is planning to do which of the following ?
1. Wind up its business in next two months.
2. Float Initial Public Offer (IPO) in near future.
3. Launch a big sales and marketing drive to attract people from all walks of life.
(A) Onlyl
(B) Only 2
(C) Only 3
(D) All 1,2 and 3
(E) Only 2 and 3
12. Who amongst the following won the Barcelona Open Lawn Tennis Tournament (men's singles) held in April 2010 ?
(A) Fernando Verdasco
(B) Robin Soderling
(C) Deniel Nestor
(D) Nenad Zimonjic
(E) None of these
13. Which of the following is the full form of the abbreviation TFRS' as used in corporate/ finance sector ?
(A) Indian Financial Reconciliation
(B) Interpretation and Formal
Reporting System
(C) International Financial
Reporting Standards
(D) International Financial
Reporting System
(E) None of these
14. Mallika Bhandarkar, who won a 'Gold Medal' in an international event recently is a—
(A) Badminton Player
(B) Table Tennis Player
(C) Lawn Tennis Player
(D) Golf Player
(E) None of these
15. Who amongst the following appoints the Chairperson of the National Human Rights Commission, India ?
(A) The President of India
(B) The Prime Minister of India
(C) The Chief Justice of India
(D) TheLokSabha
(E) None of these
16. Justice D. K. Jain of the Supreme Court of India recently inau gurated the first Rural Court in Shahabad Town of the state. Shahabad is in which of the following states ?
(A) Orissa
(B) Himachal Pradesh
(C) Andhra Pradesh
(D) Haryana
(E) Gujarat
17. Which of the following states in India recently decided to establish one Health Care Centre for every 50000 people ?
(A) Gujarat
(B) Maharashtra
(C) West Bengal
(D) Kerala
(E) Delhi
18. Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority (IRDA) had a dispute with which of the following agencies / organizations over the regulation of 'ULIPs' ?
19. Who amongst the following is the head of the panel set up by the Planning Commission of India to recommend measures for "Efficient Management of Public Expenditure" ?
(A) Dr. C. Rangarajan
(B) Dr. D. Subbarao
(C) Mr. C.B.Bhave
(D) Dr. Subir Gokarn
(E) None of these
20. During the SAARC Summit at Thimpu, India announced that it will provide 50 SAARC scholarships to meritorious students from those LDCs who are member of SAARC. What is the full form of LDC?
(A) Large Developed Country
(B) Least Diplomatic Country
(C) Least Developed Country
(D) Low Diplomatic Country
(E) None of these
21. As we all know Child labour is totally banned in India. As per the "Child Labour Prohibition & Regulation Act". 'Child' means a person who has not completed—
(A) 18 years of his / her age
(B) 16 years of his/her age
(C) 14 years of his / her age
(D) 20 years of his/her age
(E) 21 years of his / her age
22. The Women's Reservation Bill was passed by the Rajya Sabha on which of the following dates ?
(A) 19th July, 2010
(B) 19th March, 2010
(C) 9th July, 2010
(D) 9th March, 2010
(E) None of these
23. As we know the Jammu & Kashmir Assembly recently passed a bill which enabled it to ban Inter District Recruitments in the state. As per the provision of the bill a youth can now apply for a Govt. Job in the state only in—
(A) His/her district
(B) The districts of his / her com - missionary
(C) Only one district of his/her choice in the state
(D) The district where he/she is residing at present
(E) A District in Jammu region only
24. As we know a servere earthquake had rocked Qinghai region recently. 'Qinghai' is in which of the following countries ?
(A) North Korea
(B) South Korea
(C) Myanmar
(D) China
(E) Vietnam
25.The second Summit of BRIC nations was organized in April 2010 in—.
(A) New Delhi
(B) Moscow
(C) Brasilia
(D) Beijing
(E) None of these
26. Which of the following states has decided to impose a cess on commercial vehicles so that a welfare fund can be created for the transport workers in distress of the state ?
(A) Maharashtra
(B) West Bengal
(C) Tamil Nadu
(D) Kerala
(E) None of these
27.Which of the following organization recently celebrated Silver jubilee Year (25t h Year) of its establishment ?
(B) G-20
(C) Commonwealth
28. Amnesty International is associated closely with which of the following ?
(A) To promote inclusive growth
(B) To make earth a better
abode for future generations
(C)To protect human rights
(D) To protect the world from
the dangers of any nuclear war
(E) None of these
29. As per the new guidelines issued by SEBI, companies are required to list shares within how many days of the closure of the Initial Public Offers (IPOs) ?
(A) 30 days (B) 25 days
(C) 20 days (D) 12 days
(E) None of these
30. As reported in some major newspapers some State Governments are planning to install Desalination Plants in some coastal zones in their states. What is the purpose of installing these Desalination plants ?
1. To generate power from sea water.
2. To convert sea water into normal water.
3. To keep the coastal areas pollution free and save marine population.
(A) Onlyl
(B) Only 2
(C) Only 3
(D) All 1,2 and 3
(E) None of these
31. The Workers under the National Rural Employment Guarantee
Act are encouraged to take their wages through bank and post office accounts. This step of the Govt, is to obtain which of the following goal(s) ?
1. Promote Banks' business.
2. To minimise corrupt practices.
3. To encourage more and more
people to join NREGA.
(A) Onlyl
(B) Only 2 and 3
(C) Only 2
(D) All 1,2 and 3
(E) Only 2 and 1
32. Which of the following Rates/Ratios is not covered under the Monetary and Credit Policy of the RBI ?
(A) Bank Rate
(B) RepoRate
(C) Cash Reserve Ratio
(D) Reverse Repo Rate
(E) Exchange Rate of Foreign Currencies
33. Which of the following ministries has launched Integrated Wastelands Development Programme (IWDP) ?
(A) Ministry of Rural Development
(B) Ministry of Agriculture
(C) Ministry of Chemical and Fertilizers
(D) Ministry of Health and Family Welfare
(E) None of these
34. Which of the following is / are the specific goal(s) of Bharat Nirman Project launched by the Govt, oi India ?
1. To provide more and more employment opportunities to rural youth.
2. To Develop infrastructure in rural areas.
3. To provide best technical education to Indian Youth.
(A) Onlyl
(B) Only l a n d 2
(C) Only 2 and 3
(D) Only 2
(E) All 1,2 and 3
35. As we know Govt, of India has launched specific programmes to protect people from contaminated drinking water. Normally the ground water available in most of the rural areas, contains which of the following chemicals / minerals which makes it unsafe for drinking ?
1. Arsenic
2. Fluoride
3. Oxygen
(A) Onlyl
(B) Only 2
(C) Only l a n d 2
(D) Only 2 and 3
(E) All 1,2 and 3
36. Which of the following is the goal of the Indira Aawas Yojana of the Govt, of India ?
1. To provide dwelling units to people living Below Poverty Line (BPL).
2. To make metro cities slum free.
3. To provide housing facilities to the Central Govt. Employees.
(A) Only 1
(B) Only 2
(C) Only 2 and 3
(D) All 1,2 and 3
(E) None of these
37. Recently an Economic & Social Survey for Asian and Pacific Region was conducted by a UN agency. The survey finds that two economies of the region are developing very fast and are at the leading positions. One of them is China. Which is the another one ?
(A) Australia
(B) Bangladesh
(C) South Korea
(D) India
(E) None of these
38. As per the reports in various newspapers the Tea Board will take up rehabilitation of about 10000 hectares of tea plantation in Himachal Pradesh. Which of the following is the main area of the state where tea is grown prominently ?
(A) Kangra (B) Shimla
(C) Bilaspur (D) Mandi
(E) None of these
39. Who amongst the following is the author of the book 'Solo' which got Commonwealth Writers' Prize 2010 ?
(A) ShobhaDe
(B) ChetanBhagat
(C) Anita Desai
(D) Rana Dasgupta
(E) None of these
40. As per the reports published in various newspapers Karnataka Govt, has raised some objection on the Hogenakkal Drinking Water Project. The project is being implemented by which of the following states ?
(A) Kerala
(B) Andhra Pradesh
(C) Orissa
(D) Maharashtra
(E) Tamil Nadu
41. As per newspaper reports Iran recently organized a Trilateral Meet to discuss its 'Nuclear Policy'. Who were the two other members at the meet ?
(A) Turkey & USA
(B) Brazil & Russia
(C) UAE& Turkey
(D) USA & Britain
(E) Brazil k Turkey
42. The 'Wall Street Reforms Bill' was in news recently. The bill will initiate financial reforms in which of the following countries ?
(A) USA (B) France
(C) Australia (D) Brazil
(E) None of these
43. As per the reports in various newspapers the Bank of Rajasthan is now merged with which of the following banks ?
(A) AXIS Bank
(B) IDBIBank
(D) HDFC Bank
(E) None of these
44. Various countries recently signed an agreement on sharing of Nile water between them. Which of the following cannot be a member of this forum as Nile river does not pass through it ?
(A) Tanzania (B) Kenya
(C) Egypt (D) Iraq
(E) Sudan
45. Which of the following is the full form of 'SOFA' a term used frequently in international politics ?
(A) Status of Forces Agreement
(B) Statement of Foreign Agreements
(C) Strategic & Formal Alliances
(D) Soviet Forum of Allied forces
(E) None of these
46. Which of the following is the body /agency set up by the Govt, of India to increase the flow of foreign investment in the country ?
(E) None of these
47. The World 'No Tobacco Day' is observed on which of the following days ?
(A) 13th May (B) 31st May
(C) 13th June (D) 30th June
(E) None of these
48. Who amongst the following is adjudged the Footballer of the Year selected by Football Writers Association (FWA) ?
(A) Francesco Totti
(B) Rio Ferdinand
(C) Pele
(D) Diego Maradona
(E) Wayne Rooney
49. Which of the following is not a Civilian Award given by the Govt, of India ?
(A) Sahitya Academy Award
(B) Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar Award
(C) Padma Shri
(D) BharatRatna
(E) KirtiChakra
50. Under the Annapurna Scheme how much foodgrain is provided to an eligible person every month ?
(A) 5 kg (B) 10 kg
(C) 15 kg (D) 20 kg
(E) None of these


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