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Railway Recruitment Cell (RRC) Group D Solved Question Paper 2014

RRC Group D  Solved Question Paper Chennai, Secunderbad, Delhi, Bhubaneswar - Held on  30/11/2014

  1. The Headquarters of international Olympic Committee is at?
  2. Which of the fallowing is a good conductor of heat and electricity?
  3. The greenhouse effect is caused by the higher level of which gas in the atmosphere?
  4. Which of the fallowing countries won the football world cup held in 2010?
  5. A woman’s voice is shriller than a man’s voice due to:
  6. During which gupta king’s regin did the Chinese traveler Fa-hienvisit India?
  7. The headquarters of Asian Development Bank is at?
  8. Raj a Harishchandra and early Indian Film was produced by?
  9. Brass is an alloy of copper and?
  10. Glaucoma is a disease of the?
  11. The timber of which one of the fallowing trees is used for making cricket bats?
  12. Which country is called “the Pearl of the East”?
  13. In which country the holy city of Madina situated?
  14. The United Nations came into existence in the year?
  15. Fundamental duties were incorporated in the constitution on the recommendations of?
  16. Guru govind Singh founded the Khalsa in?
  17. Pencil lead is made up of?
  18. Full form of MSS is?
  19. The equatorial forests of Amazon basin are called?
  20. The word “Monsoon” is derived from?
  21. The Super-thermal plant located near Singareni collieries is?
  22. Where is the sports stadium “Green Park” Located?
  23. Which country won Women T-20 Asia Cup 2012?
  24. Which of these metals is used in storage of batteries?
  25. Which one of the fallowing can convert the alternating current into direct current?
  26. The highest peak in Nilgiris is called?
  27. Milk, meat and eggs are good source of?
  28. After K.R Narayanan who was the President of India?
  29. What is known as ‘Brain’ of a computer?
  30. IRDA is associated with?
  31. The Bhopal tragedy was caused by?
  32. Why does milk curdle?
  33. The Deputy Chairman of Rajya Sabha is?
  34. Which continent is covered with ice?
  35. The family court decides disputes relating to?
  36. In which of the fallowing years, the Central Vigilance Commission was set up?
  37. The valency of noble gases is?
  38. “New Dimensions of India’s Foreign Policy” is written by?
  39. In which of these continents would you find the Southern-most Point of the earth?
  40. Which is the chemical name of Vinegar?
  41. Rusting of Iron is an example of?
  42. The channel separating the Andaman Island from Nicobar Island is known as?
  43. In the electric supply lines in India, which parameter is kept constant?
  44. Who wrote the book” The Story of the Integration of the Indian States”?
  45. The art style which combines India and Greek feature is called?
  46. Who is the Ex-officio Chairman of the Planning Commission of India?
  47. Normal Blood pressure of a Man is?
  48. The Employee’s State Insurance (ESI) Act was passed in?
  49. At which one of the fallowing places do the rivers Alskananda and Bhagirathi merge to from Ganga?
  50. Which of the fallowing crops can enrich soil with nitrogenous compounds?
  51. During India’s freedom struggle, the sepoy mutiny started from which of the fallowing places?
  52. With which state the festival ‘Bonalu’ is associated?
  53. Which of the fallowing is the oldest mountain range in India?
  54. Hooke’s Law essentially defines?
  55. Duncan passage is located between?
  56. The global community comes together to celebrate World Environment Day on?
  57. A Large group of stars together is known as?
  58. If two bodies are in resonance, they are equal in?
  59. Which delta in india is the biggest delta?
  60. Magsaysay award is named after a former President of which country?
  61. Which gas is used in an electric bulb?
  62. The book ‘We Indian” was written by?
  63. The famous athlete Marian Jones is from which of the following countries?
  64. Which of the fallowing protects the body from the disease causing by germs?
  65. Which metal produces fire when dropped in water?
  66. In which of the fallowing year did the right to information Act came into force?
  67. The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences awards Nobel Prize in which of the fallowing?
  68. By which river bank is Vijayawada situated?
  69. Which of the fallowing clouds is a middle level clouds?
  70. Which of the fallowing island lies closest to the Equator?
  71. Azim Premji is related to which of the fallowing Industrial Unit?
  72. A concave lens is also known as?
  73. Which is the coldest amoung the fallowing?
  74. Full form of CRPF is?
  75. Full form of SEBI is?
  76. The Annapurna Scheme has been merged with?
  77. The clouds float in the atmosphere because of their low?
  78. If we move from equator to pole, the value of “g”

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