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Zensar Technologies Off Campus Drive for Freshers on December 2014, Across India

zensar-jobsZensar Technologies Off Campus Drive for Freshers on December 2014, Across India

Company Name: Zensar Technologies
Position: Project Trainees
Last Date To Apply: 3rd December 2014
Experienced Required: Freshers
Batch: 2014 passed out
Basic Eligiblity Criteria:
  • BE/B.Tech (Computer Science and Information Technology) and MCA..
  • Minimum 60 % of aggregate marks throughout academic career (10th, 12th and BE/B. Tech/MCA).
  • 2014 Pass outs only.
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills.
Selection Process:
  • Registration Online
  • Online test
  • Group Discussion
  • Technical Interview and HR Interview.
Online Exam Details:
  • Section 1: Objective Aptitude Test.
  • Section 2: Objective Technical Test.
  • Section 3: Database Test (MYSQL).
  • Section 4: Programming Test (Options for C/C++/Java).
Please bring along following Documents:
  • Registration ticket printout from registration portal.
  • Updated Resume.
  • Marksheets for 10th 12th, and Graduation/Postgraduation.
  • Passport size photograph (1).
  • Photo Identity (Aadhar Card/Passport/Pan Card/Driving Licence, etc).
Please bring along following documents –
1. Registration Ticket
2.Updated Resume
4.Passport size photoghraph
5.Photo Identity.
Important: Venue, date and time will be confirmed directly to the short listed candidates. Candidates need to apply online and complete the registration. Only shortlisted candidates fulfilling eligibility criterion will get invite via E-Mail for the Interview.

Snapdeal Off Campus Recruitment Drive for Freshers as Application Engineer - On 6 December 2014 Delhi Location, Apply ASAP

snapdealOff-Campus Recruitment Drive December 2014 - Snapdeal Off Campus Recruitment Drive for Freshers as Application Engineer - On 6 December 2014 Delhi Location

Company Name: Snapdeal
Position: Application Engineer
Job Location: Delhi
Probation/Training Period: 3 Months
Salary: 4 LPA – 4.5 LPA CTC (Depending upon the role and interview performance)
Bond: No Bond/No Contract
Date Of Interview: 6th December 2014
Last date to register: ASAP (Before the link expires)
Date of Joining: Immediate
Interview Location: Delhi NCR, Venue will be communicated post registration.
Selection/Interview Process:
Multiple Technical Rounds by Managers Followed by HR Round
Please Note: Candidates who have given the interview with during past one month should not apply.
Job Description (Application Engineer):-
  • Development of new dashboards that cater to changing business needs
  • Fetching & structuring data to be displayed on these dashboards
  • Build Excel models.
  • Maintenance of these new dashboards
  • Solving business facing unstructured problems.
  • Can get an opportunity to be a part of business facing team
  • Patching
Desired Candidate Profile:-
  • Should have excellent communication skills.
  • Should have good knowledge of Data structure & Algorithms
  • Must have good knowledge any one of programming language (Python, Java, PHP)
Interview Location: New Delhi
  • Job Responsibilities: Application Engineer
  • Education: B.Sc., B.Sc.(Hons.), B.Tech/B.E., M.Tech./M.E.
  • Work Ex: 0 - 1 yrs
  • Salary: 4 - 4.5 LPA
Note: You will receive an Admit card with the actual interview date and venue.
Snapdeal was founded in February, 2010 and in a short span of four years, has become India’s largest online marketplace for businesses to reach sell their products to consumers nationwide, a model that the company pioneered in the Indian market. Our mission is to create life changing experiences for small businesses in India that account for 93% of India’s retail industry. We feature the largest selection of 5 million+ products in the e-commerce space in India across various categories like Apparel, Mobiles & accessories, Watches & bags, Electronics & cameras, Computers & Peripherals, Perfumes, Beauty & Health, Footwear, Home d├ęcor, Kitchenware amongst others. Snapdeal has received many global accolades including being featured in Digital 100: The World's Most Valuable Global Private Tech Companies. has over 25 million subscribers and has a fan base of 2 million+ on social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook. currently has around 50,000 unique businesses selling on the site, over 5 million unique products listed on the site and is delivering products to 5000+ towns and cities across India. is run by a very young, dynamic & Innovative team of 1500+ team members, and is backed by leading global strategic and financial investors including eBay Inc., Temasek, BlackRock, Premji Invest, Intel, Nexus Venture Partners, NEA-IndoUS Venture Partners, Bessemer Venture Partners, Recruit Corp (Japan), Silicon Valley Bank, Myriad, among others.
The company witnessed phenomenal growth in 2013-14, growing 600% from 2012-13 to 2013-14. Snapdeal has been leading the m-commerce revolution in India, with around 60% of its orders coming from mobile phones. Snapdeal’s one-of-a-kind proprietary logistics platform, SafeShip, provides a platform for logistics companies across India to cater to the fulfillment needs of merchants on the Snapdeal platform to ship products across the country in a seamless and trackable manner.

Railway Recruitment Cell (RRC) Group D Solved Question Paper 2014

RRC Group D  Solved Question Paper Chennai, Secunderbad, Delhi, Bhubaneswar - Held on  30/11/2014

  1. The Headquarters of international Olympic Committee is at?
  2. Which of the fallowing is a good conductor of heat and electricity?
  3. The greenhouse effect is caused by the higher level of which gas in the atmosphere?
  4. Which of the fallowing countries won the football world cup held in 2010?
  5. A woman’s voice is shriller than a man’s voice due to:
  6. During which gupta king’s regin did the Chinese traveler Fa-hienvisit India?
  7. The headquarters of Asian Development Bank is at?
  8. Raj a Harishchandra and early Indian Film was produced by?
  9. Brass is an alloy of copper and?
  10. Glaucoma is a disease of the?
  11. The timber of which one of the fallowing trees is used for making cricket bats?
  12. Which country is called “the Pearl of the East”?
  13. In which country the holy city of Madina situated?
  14. The United Nations came into existence in the year?
  15. Fundamental duties were incorporated in the constitution on the recommendations of?
  16. Guru govind Singh founded the Khalsa in?
  17. Pencil lead is made up of?
  18. Full form of MSS is?
  19. The equatorial forests of Amazon basin are called?
  20. The word “Monsoon” is derived from?
  21. The Super-thermal plant located near Singareni collieries is?
  22. Where is the sports stadium “Green Park” Located?
  23. Which country won Women T-20 Asia Cup 2012?
  24. Which of these metals is used in storage of batteries?
  25. Which one of the fallowing can convert the alternating current into direct current?
  26. The highest peak in Nilgiris is called?
  27. Milk, meat and eggs are good source of?
  28. After K.R Narayanan who was the President of India?
  29. What is known as ‘Brain’ of a computer?
  30. IRDA is associated with?
  31. The Bhopal tragedy was caused by?
  32. Why does milk curdle?
  33. The Deputy Chairman of Rajya Sabha is?
  34. Which continent is covered with ice?
  35. The family court decides disputes relating to?
  36. In which of the fallowing years, the Central Vigilance Commission was set up?
  37. The valency of noble gases is?
  38. “New Dimensions of India’s Foreign Policy” is written by?
  39. In which of these continents would you find the Southern-most Point of the earth?
  40. Which is the chemical name of Vinegar?
  41. Rusting of Iron is an example of?
  42. The channel separating the Andaman Island from Nicobar Island is known as?
  43. In the electric supply lines in India, which parameter is kept constant?
  44. Who wrote the book” The Story of the Integration of the Indian States”?
  45. The art style which combines India and Greek feature is called?
  46. Who is the Ex-officio Chairman of the Planning Commission of India?
  47. Normal Blood pressure of a Man is?
  48. The Employee’s State Insurance (ESI) Act was passed in?
  49. At which one of the fallowing places do the rivers Alskananda and Bhagirathi merge to from Ganga?
  50. Which of the fallowing crops can enrich soil with nitrogenous compounds?
  51. During India’s freedom struggle, the sepoy mutiny started from which of the fallowing places?
  52. With which state the festival ‘Bonalu’ is associated?
  53. Which of the fallowing is the oldest mountain range in India?
  54. Hooke’s Law essentially defines?
  55. Duncan passage is located between?
  56. The global community comes together to celebrate World Environment Day on?
  57. A Large group of stars together is known as?
  58. If two bodies are in resonance, they are equal in?
  59. Which delta in india is the biggest delta?
  60. Magsaysay award is named after a former President of which country?
  61. Which gas is used in an electric bulb?
  62. The book ‘We Indian” was written by?
  63. The famous athlete Marian Jones is from which of the following countries?
  64. Which of the fallowing protects the body from the disease causing by germs?
  65. Which metal produces fire when dropped in water?
  66. In which of the fallowing year did the right to information Act came into force?
  67. The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences awards Nobel Prize in which of the fallowing?
  68. By which river bank is Vijayawada situated?
  69. Which of the fallowing clouds is a middle level clouds?
  70. Which of the fallowing island lies closest to the Equator?
  71. Azim Premji is related to which of the fallowing Industrial Unit?
  72. A concave lens is also known as?
  73. Which is the coldest amoung the fallowing?
  74. Full form of CRPF is?
  75. Full form of SEBI is?
  76. The Annapurna Scheme has been merged with?
  77. The clouds float in the atmosphere because of their low?
  78. If we move from equator to pole, the value of “g”

Syndicate Bank Probationary Officers -PO General Awareness Previous Question Paper 2010

Syndicate Bank Probationary Officers  Exam Previous Question Paper, 2010 - General Awareness (Held on 29-8-2010]

1. Mr. Mukul A. Sangma has taken over as the—
(A) Chief Minister of Manipur
(B) Chief Minister of Meghalaya
(C) Governor of Meghalaya
(D) Governor of Tripura
(E) None of these
2. As per the reports published in various newspapers Core Sector Industries recorded a 7-2 per cent growth in March 2010. The growth of which of the following industries will not be considered in these figures ?
(A) Coal (B) Steel
(C) Cement (D) Power
(E) Banking
3. How much amount was earmarked in the Union Budget) 2010-11 for infusion in the capital of the public sector banks during the year ?
(A) Rs. 5,000 crores
(B) Rs. 7,500 crores
(C) Rs. 10,000 crores
(D) Rs. 15,000 crores
(E) None of these
4. India recently signed a pact with which of the following SAARC countries which will enable its Prime Minister to have direct communication with the Prime Minister of that country on Hot Line ?
(A) Myanmar (B) Nepal
(C) Pakistan (D) China
(E) None of these
5. As per the report released by the Govt, of India, various Govt, agencies procured about 15 million tonnes of wheat during the recent Rabi season. Which of the following states was the largest contributor to this stock of 15 million tonnes ?
(A) Uttar Pradesh
(B) Kerala
(C) Punjab
(D) Tamil Nadu
(E) None of these
6. As we know the members of the European Union have recently decided to start functioning with a new set of rules and regulations. The newly devised rules are commonly known as—
(A) Treaty of London
(B) Treaty of Lisbon
(C) Paris Treaty
(D) Treaty of Moscow
(E) None of these
7. As per the estimates given by various organizations/agencies China is expected to reach a new economic target during 2010 by becoming world's second largest Economy. This means China will replace—
(A) France (B) Germany
(C) Japan (D) Russia
(E) None of these
8. Who amongst the following is the recipient of the 'Dadasaheb Phalke Award-2010' ?
(A) laved Akhtar
(B) Amitabh Bachchan
(C) Gulzar
(D) DevAnand
(E) None of these
9. "POSCO to invest Rs. 1000 crores more in Maharashtra" was a headline in major financial newspapers recently. POSCO is associated with which of the following businesses as its core business in Maharashtra ?
(A) Fertilizers
(B) Steel
(C) Paper and News print
(D) Automobiles
(E) None of these
10. As per the reports published in various newspapers, "Mineral Output from mining and quarrying sector was up by 11% in April 2010." Production of which of the following cannot be included in above figures ?
(A) Coal (B) Petroleum
(C) Iron Ore (D) Natural Gas
(E) Cement
11. 'General Motors' plans to go public in next two months, was a news in major financial newspapers. This means General Motors is planning to do which of the following ?
1. Wind up its business in next two months.
2. Float Initial Public Offer (IPO) in near future.
3. Launch a big sales and marketing drive to attract people from all walks of life.
(A) Onlyl
(B) Only 2
(C) Only 3
(D) All 1,2 and 3
(E) Only 2 and 3
12. Who amongst the following won the Barcelona Open Lawn Tennis Tournament (men's singles) held in April 2010 ?
(A) Fernando Verdasco
(B) Robin Soderling
(C) Deniel Nestor
(D) Nenad Zimonjic
(E) None of these
13. Which of the following is the full form of the abbreviation TFRS' as used in corporate/ finance sector ?
(A) Indian Financial Reconciliation
(B) Interpretation and Formal
Reporting System
(C) International Financial
Reporting Standards
(D) International Financial
Reporting System
(E) None of these
14. Mallika Bhandarkar, who won a 'Gold Medal' in an international event recently is a—
(A) Badminton Player
(B) Table Tennis Player
(C) Lawn Tennis Player
(D) Golf Player
(E) None of these
15. Who amongst the following appoints the Chairperson of the National Human Rights Commission, India ?
(A) The President of India
(B) The Prime Minister of India
(C) The Chief Justice of India
(D) TheLokSabha
(E) None of these
16. Justice D. K. Jain of the Supreme Court of India recently inau gurated the first Rural Court in Shahabad Town of the state. Shahabad is in which of the following states ?
(A) Orissa
(B) Himachal Pradesh
(C) Andhra Pradesh
(D) Haryana
(E) Gujarat
17. Which of the following states in India recently decided to establish one Health Care Centre for every 50000 people ?
(A) Gujarat
(B) Maharashtra
(C) West Bengal
(D) Kerala
(E) Delhi
18. Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority (IRDA) had a dispute with which of the following agencies / organizations over the regulation of 'ULIPs' ?
19. Who amongst the following is the head of the panel set up by the Planning Commission of India to recommend measures for "Efficient Management of Public Expenditure" ?
(A) Dr. C. Rangarajan
(B) Dr. D. Subbarao
(C) Mr. C.B.Bhave
(D) Dr. Subir Gokarn
(E) None of these
20. During the SAARC Summit at Thimpu, India announced that it will provide 50 SAARC scholarships to meritorious students from those LDCs who are member of SAARC. What is the full form of LDC?
(A) Large Developed Country
(B) Least Diplomatic Country
(C) Least Developed Country
(D) Low Diplomatic Country
(E) None of these
21. As we all know Child labour is totally banned in India. As per the "Child Labour Prohibition & Regulation Act". 'Child' means a person who has not completed—
(A) 18 years of his / her age
(B) 16 years of his/her age
(C) 14 years of his / her age
(D) 20 years of his/her age
(E) 21 years of his / her age
22. The Women's Reservation Bill was passed by the Rajya Sabha on which of the following dates ?
(A) 19th July, 2010
(B) 19th March, 2010
(C) 9th July, 2010
(D) 9th March, 2010
(E) None of these
23. As we know the Jammu & Kashmir Assembly recently passed a bill which enabled it to ban Inter District Recruitments in the state. As per the provision of the bill a youth can now apply for a Govt. Job in the state only in—
(A) His/her district
(B) The districts of his / her com - missionary
(C) Only one district of his/her choice in the state
(D) The district where he/she is residing at present
(E) A District in Jammu region only
24. As we know a servere earthquake had rocked Qinghai region recently. 'Qinghai' is in which of the following countries ?
(A) North Korea
(B) South Korea
(C) Myanmar
(D) China
(E) Vietnam
25.The second Summit of BRIC nations was organized in April 2010 in—.
(A) New Delhi
(B) Moscow
(C) Brasilia
(D) Beijing
(E) None of these
26. Which of the following states has decided to impose a cess on commercial vehicles so that a welfare fund can be created for the transport workers in distress of the state ?
(A) Maharashtra
(B) West Bengal
(C) Tamil Nadu
(D) Kerala
(E) None of these
27.Which of the following organization recently celebrated Silver jubilee Year (25t h Year) of its establishment ?
(B) G-20
(C) Commonwealth
28. Amnesty International is associated closely with which of the following ?
(A) To promote inclusive growth
(B) To make earth a better
abode for future generations
(C)To protect human rights
(D) To protect the world from
the dangers of any nuclear war
(E) None of these
29. As per the new guidelines issued by SEBI, companies are required to list shares within how many days of the closure of the Initial Public Offers (IPOs) ?
(A) 30 days (B) 25 days
(C) 20 days (D) 12 days
(E) None of these
30. As reported in some major newspapers some State Governments are planning to install Desalination Plants in some coastal zones in their states. What is the purpose of installing these Desalination plants ?
1. To generate power from sea water.
2. To convert sea water into normal water.
3. To keep the coastal areas pollution free and save marine population.
(A) Onlyl
(B) Only 2
(C) Only 3
(D) All 1,2 and 3
(E) None of these
31. The Workers under the National Rural Employment Guarantee
Act are encouraged to take their wages through bank and post office accounts. This step of the Govt, is to obtain which of the following goal(s) ?
1. Promote Banks' business.
2. To minimise corrupt practices.
3. To encourage more and more
people to join NREGA.
(A) Onlyl
(B) Only 2 and 3
(C) Only 2
(D) All 1,2 and 3
(E) Only 2 and 1
32. Which of the following Rates/Ratios is not covered under the Monetary and Credit Policy of the RBI ?
(A) Bank Rate
(B) RepoRate
(C) Cash Reserve Ratio
(D) Reverse Repo Rate
(E) Exchange Rate of Foreign Currencies
33. Which of the following ministries has launched Integrated Wastelands Development Programme (IWDP) ?
(A) Ministry of Rural Development
(B) Ministry of Agriculture
(C) Ministry of Chemical and Fertilizers
(D) Ministry of Health and Family Welfare
(E) None of these
34. Which of the following is / are the specific goal(s) of Bharat Nirman Project launched by the Govt, oi India ?
1. To provide more and more employment opportunities to rural youth.
2. To Develop infrastructure in rural areas.
3. To provide best technical education to Indian Youth.
(A) Onlyl
(B) Only l a n d 2
(C) Only 2 and 3
(D) Only 2
(E) All 1,2 and 3
35. As we know Govt, of India has launched specific programmes to protect people from contaminated drinking water. Normally the ground water available in most of the rural areas, contains which of the following chemicals / minerals which makes it unsafe for drinking ?
1. Arsenic
2. Fluoride
3. Oxygen
(A) Onlyl
(B) Only 2
(C) Only l a n d 2
(D) Only 2 and 3
(E) All 1,2 and 3
36. Which of the following is the goal of the Indira Aawas Yojana of the Govt, of India ?
1. To provide dwelling units to people living Below Poverty Line (BPL).
2. To make metro cities slum free.
3. To provide housing facilities to the Central Govt. Employees.
(A) Only 1
(B) Only 2
(C) Only 2 and 3
(D) All 1,2 and 3
(E) None of these
37. Recently an Economic & Social Survey for Asian and Pacific Region was conducted by a UN agency. The survey finds that two economies of the region are developing very fast and are at the leading positions. One of them is China. Which is the another one ?
(A) Australia
(B) Bangladesh
(C) South Korea
(D) India
(E) None of these
38. As per the reports in various newspapers the Tea Board will take up rehabilitation of about 10000 hectares of tea plantation in Himachal Pradesh. Which of the following is the main area of the state where tea is grown prominently ?
(A) Kangra (B) Shimla
(C) Bilaspur (D) Mandi
(E) None of these
39. Who amongst the following is the author of the book 'Solo' which got Commonwealth Writers' Prize 2010 ?
(A) ShobhaDe
(B) ChetanBhagat
(C) Anita Desai
(D) Rana Dasgupta
(E) None of these
40. As per the reports published in various newspapers Karnataka Govt, has raised some objection on the Hogenakkal Drinking Water Project. The project is being implemented by which of the following states ?
(A) Kerala
(B) Andhra Pradesh
(C) Orissa
(D) Maharashtra
(E) Tamil Nadu
41. As per newspaper reports Iran recently organized a Trilateral Meet to discuss its 'Nuclear Policy'. Who were the two other members at the meet ?
(A) Turkey & USA
(B) Brazil & Russia
(C) UAE& Turkey
(D) USA & Britain
(E) Brazil k Turkey
42. The 'Wall Street Reforms Bill' was in news recently. The bill will initiate financial reforms in which of the following countries ?
(A) USA (B) France
(C) Australia (D) Brazil
(E) None of these
43. As per the reports in various newspapers the Bank of Rajasthan is now merged with which of the following banks ?
(A) AXIS Bank
(B) IDBIBank
(D) HDFC Bank
(E) None of these
44. Various countries recently signed an agreement on sharing of Nile water between them. Which of the following cannot be a member of this forum as Nile river does not pass through it ?
(A) Tanzania (B) Kenya
(C) Egypt (D) Iraq
(E) Sudan
45. Which of the following is the full form of 'SOFA' a term used frequently in international politics ?
(A) Status of Forces Agreement
(B) Statement of Foreign Agreements
(C) Strategic & Formal Alliances
(D) Soviet Forum of Allied forces
(E) None of these
46. Which of the following is the body /agency set up by the Govt, of India to increase the flow of foreign investment in the country ?
(E) None of these
47. The World 'No Tobacco Day' is observed on which of the following days ?
(A) 13th May (B) 31st May
(C) 13th June (D) 30th June
(E) None of these
48. Who amongst the following is adjudged the Footballer of the Year selected by Football Writers Association (FWA) ?
(A) Francesco Totti
(B) Rio Ferdinand
(C) Pele
(D) Diego Maradona
(E) Wayne Rooney
49. Which of the following is not a Civilian Award given by the Govt, of India ?
(A) Sahitya Academy Award
(B) Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar Award
(C) Padma Shri
(D) BharatRatna
(E) KirtiChakra
50. Under the Annapurna Scheme how much foodgrain is provided to an eligible person every month ?
(A) 5 kg (B) 10 kg
(C) 15 kg (D) 20 kg
(E) None of these

Syndicate Bank PO 2010 Previous Year Question Paper - Reasoning Ability

Syndicate Bank Probationary Officer  Previous Year Question Paper - 2010 Paper

Syndicate Bank (Probationary Officer Exam 2010 ) 23-5-201 0
1. How many such pairs of letters are there in the word ORGANISED each of which has as many letters between them in the word as in the English alphabet?
1) None 2) One 3) Two 4) Three 5) More than three
2. How many meaningful English words can be made with the letters ITRM using each letter only once in each word?
1) None 2) One 3) Two 4) Three 5) More than three
3. The position of how many digits in the number 8247531 will remain unchanged after the digits are rearranged in ascending order within the number?
1) None 2) One 3) Two 4) Three 5) More than three
4. In a certain code MOAN is written as 5%3 $ and NEWS is written as $ 1 @8. How is SOME written in that code?
1)8%51 2)85%8 3)8@51 4)8%31 5) None of these
5. In a certain code language 'how many books' is written as 'sa da na' and 'many more days' is written as 'ka pa da'. How is 'books' written in that code language?
l)s a 2) na 3-)saorna 4) Data inadequate < 5) None of these
6. In a certain code MAJORITY is written as 'PKBNXSHQ'. How is SANCTION written in that code?
7. The position of the first and the sixth digits in the number 5120397468 are interchanged, similarly the positions of the second and the seventh digits are interchanged and so on. Which of the following will be the fourth digit from the right end after the rearrangement?
1)1 2)5 3)7 4)9 5) None of these
8. 'BE' is related to 'GJ' in the same way as 'PS' is related to
1)UY 2)UX 3)UZ 4)VY 5) None of these
9. Among P, Q, R, S and T, each having scored different marks, R scored more marks than P and T. Q scored less marks than T. S did not score the highest marks. Who among them scored the highest?
1)P 2)T 3)R 4) Data inadequate 5) None of these
10. Pointing to a girl, Nidhi said,' She is the daughter of my grandmother's only child.' How is the girl related to Nidhi?
1) Sister 2) Self 3) Cousin sister 4) Data inadequate 5) None of these
11. In a row of twenty-five children facing North, W is fifth to the right of R who is sixteenth from the right end of the row. What is W's position from the right end of the row?
1) Eleventh 2) Tenth 3) Twelfth 4) Data inadequate 5) None of these
Directions (Q. 12-14): Study the following information carefully and answer the questions, which follow: Five plays A, B, C, D and E were organised in a week from Monday to Saturday with one play each day and no
play was organised on one of these days. Play D was organised before Thursday but after Monday. Play E was organised on Saturday. Play C was not organised on the first day. Play B was organised on the next day on which play C was organised. Play A was organised on Tuesday.
12. On which day was play B organised?
1) Thursday 2) Friday 3) Wednesday 4) Data inadequate 5) None of these
13. On which day was no play organised?
1) Monday 2) Wednesday 3) Thursday 4) Data inadequate 5) None of these
14. Which play was organised on Wednesday?
1)A 2)C 3)D 4) Data inadequate 5) None of these
16. What should come next in the following number series?
9 8 76123459871234598712349 8
1)7 2)1 3)2 4)5 5) None of these
17. Each consonant in the word CORDIAL is changed to the previous letter in the English alphabet and each vowel is changed to the next letter in the English alphabet and the letters so obtained are rearranged in alphabetical order. Which of the following will be the second from the right end after the rearrangement?
1)Q 2)K 3)P 4)B 5) None of these
18. Meena correctly remembers that her father's birthday is after eighteenth May but before twentysecond May. Her brother correctly remembers that their father's birthday is before twenty-fourth May but after twentieth May. On which date in May was definitely their father's birthday?
1) Twentieth 2) Nineteenth 3) Eighteenth 4) Cannot be determined 5) None of these
Directions (Q. 19-20): Study the following information and answer the questions given below:
19. Which of the following mean s 'M is maternal uncle of T?
20. Which of the following means 'H is paternal grandfather of T?
Directions (y . 21-25): followin g question s ar e based on the five three-digit numbers given below:
832 965 748 25 9 614
21. Which of the following is the third digit of the second lowest number ?
1)2 2) 5 3) 8 4) 9 5) 4
22. Which of the following is the sum of the first and the second digits of the highest number ?
1)11 2)15 3)10 4) 7 5) Non e of these
23. If the positions of the second and the third digits of each of the numbers are interchanged, which of the
following will be the last digit of the lowest number ?
1)5 2) 1 3) 6 4) 4 5) 3
24. If the positions of the first and the second digits of each of the numbers are interchanged, which of the following will be the second digit of the second highest number ?
1)8 2) 6 3) 7 4) 5 5) Non e of these
25. Which of the following is the difference between the first and the third digits of the third highest number ?
1)6 2) 4 3) 1 4) 7 5) Non e of these
Directions (Q. 26-31): In each of th e questions below is given fou r statements followed b y thre e conclusion s
numbere d I, II an d III. You have to tak e the given statement! to be tru e even if they seem to be at varianc e with commonlj known facts. Rea d all the conclusions an d the n decide whicli of th e given conclusions logically follows from th e giverstatements disregardin g commonl y know n facts.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Aptean Hiring Freshers as Associate Software Engineer in Bangalore, Apply ASAP

ApteanAptean Hiring Freshers as Associate Software Engineer in Bangalore

Company Name : Aptean
Job Designation : Associate Software Engineer
Qualification : B.E / B.Tech / M.E / MCA
Location : Bangalore
Experience Required : Freshers
CTC Offered: Best in Industry
Candidate Profile :
The candidate should be a B.E/B.Tech/M.E/MCA graduate in computer science or related fields from any recognized university
Job Description :
  • Learn and understand Aptean product features and technology architecture.
  • Design and develop test plans, test cases based upon functional and design specifications
  • Execute functional, regression, upgrade, deployment, sanity, configuration and performance tests for Aptean products.
  • Work closely with software developers to understand product specifications and work to identify, design and enhance test plans and test cases to support releases.
  • Deliver high quality software applications and solutions within the specified timeline
  • Configure the necessary test environment including OS installation and IT setup.
  • Identify effective approaches to testing process and promote opportunities for product innovation.
  • Communicate testing status and issues on a regular basis with help of company-approved procedures.
  • Interact with Technical Writers and ensure product documentation validates the actual performance of the product.
  • Keep abreast of the technical knowledge, tools and processes related to testing.
  • Undertake any other assignments for which the company’s management may request your participation from time to time.
Company Profile :
Aptean-More than 9,000 customers around the world rely on us to give them a competitive edge. By providing innovative, industry-driven enterprise application software, Aptean helps businesses to satisfy their customers, operate most efficiently, and stay at the forefront of their industry. With extensive knowledge and clear technology leadership in our focused industries, our software enables customers to transition from being merely competitive,&nbsp; to becoming market leaders. This competitive edge-The Aptean Edge-is born from solutions reflecting industry best practices, and services that are specifically focused on helping our customers meet their individual business goals, profitably.
Website :

Mindtree Off-Campus Recruitment Drive for Freshers as Engineering R&D Team, Last Date: 02 Dec 2014

Mindtree-JobsOff Campus Recruitment Drive December 2014 - Mindtree Hiring Freshers as Engineering R&D Team

Company: Mindtree Ltd.
Position: Engineer
Job location: Bangalore
Event date: 04 Dec 2014
Last date to apply: 02 Dec 2014
Salary offered: Rs.320000/-
Experience required: Fresher
  • 2014 batch BE/BTech (CS, IT, ECE, Telecom, Instrumentation)
  • Good academics (65% and above in Xth/ XIIth and graduation)
  • Good pH score
Job Description:
These positions are with Engineering R&D team. The team is focused on developing software for industries covering Consumer Electronics, Smart Premises, Automotive, Wearable Devices, Communication and Data Center products. We have long standing engagements with companies which are global leaders and have been contributing to many successful products making use of latest technology. ER&D team is involved in development of software from Board support packages to embedded middleware and applications and also is a leading provider for Bluetooth classic and low energy stack. We are an organization that is focused on learning and innovation and are looking forward to be associated with young and enthusiastic engineers who want to build a successful career in embedded software development.
Company spends considerable effort in training new employees . Candidates seeking a solid technology foundation and are willing to commit to a 24 months tenure may apply
Training period is for a duration of 3 months. During the training period, candidates will be paid a stipend of Rs. 18,000/- PM
Event Dates:
Bangalore: 27th November
Bangalore: 4th December (Tentatively)
About Mindtree:
Mindtree is a USD 500+ million IT services company, delivering technology services and accelerated growth for Global 1000 companies, by solving complex business challenges with breakthrough technical innovations. Mindtree specializes in e-commerce, mobility, cloud enablement, digital transformation, business intelligence, data analytics, testing, infrastructure, EAI and ERP solutions.
We are among the fastest growing technology firms globally with more than 200 clients and offices in 14 countries. We deliver amazing results: Helping 100 million passengers fly safely. Improving security and performance for one of the world’s largest e-commerce stores. Unifying brand messaging and improving engagement for one billion consumers. For Mindtree, “Welcome to possible” is more than a slogan - it reflects our approach to every engagement.
Company URL:

Optimus Information Inc - Off-campus Recruitment Drive for Freshers as Software Engineer Trainee, Apply ASAP

Optimus Information IncOff Campus Recruitment Drive December 2014 - Optimus Information Inc Hiring Freshers as Software Engineer Trainee

Job Description
  • The candidates will be working with the development teams in different technologies.
  • Candidates have to work on outsourced software development, testing, business analytics and mobile application development services to global clients with a focus on the Canadian market.
  • Candidates will be working as a seamless extension technology team offering services that range from technical audits, test automation and QA outsourcing that complement large IT and development teams to full end-to-end development for organizations without substantial IT resources.
  • Candidate should be ready to work either of the Domains. Allotment will take place post interview performance :
Software Development, Software Testing, Business Analytics, Mobile Development, iOS, Android, Selenium, Windows Phone, HTML5, SSRS, Business Intelligence, Quality Center, Quick Test Professional, Load Runner, Visual Studio, Team Foundation Server etc.

Interview Process:
Aptitude test,
Machine test (for the candidates applying for development domain)
HR Interview
Technical Interview
Final interview with the Co-founder
Job Responsibilities: Software Engineer TraineeEducation: B.Tech/B.E., MCA, P.G.D.C.ASalary: 3.5 LPA
Probation / Training Period: 6 months
Job Location: Noida
Courses Required: B. Tech(CS/IT)/MCA
Desired experience: Fresher
Date of Drive: On December 2014
Bond: 2 years
Tentative date of interview: Will be communicated post registration window is closed
Tentative date of joining:  Immediate
About The Company
Optimus Information Inc provides outsourced software development, testing, business analytic and mobile application development services to global clients with a focus on the Canadian market out of offices in Vancouver and Noida, India. They are a young organization with a team of 100+ professionals, have worked with more than 50 clients and have a portfolio of more than 200 projects.
Their ideal team members have an eye for detail, are ready to work hard, are team players and most importantly, take extreme pride in building long lasting client relationships. Their winning combination is passion, speed, hard work and belief in customer satisfaction.

EMC Academic Alliance Student Ambassador Program 2015, Last Date : 14 December 2014

EMC CorporationEMC Academic Alliance Student Ambassador program 2015

Company Name: EMC Corporation
Eligibility Criteria:
  • To serve as a EMC Student Ambassador you must be:
  • At least 18 years of age
  • Currently a student, with a college or university associated with EMC Academic Alliance
Last date for applying is 14 December 2014
Is your love of technology impossible to hide? Do you aspire to do more than what’s expected? Do you love social media? Are you really involved on your campus? Then this opportunity is made for a student like you.
The EMC Student Ambassador Program is an opportunity for students to act as liaisons between EMC and their universities.
These ambassadors:
  • Learn about innovative EMC products and programs
  • Plan and host fun events on campus
  • Act as a campus contact for EMC teams
  • Help EMC better understand each university’s culture
EMC Ambassadors have the opportunity to enhance their professional development, leadership, and communication skills, and access to a unique network of EMC Ambassadors across India.
Note: Only College Students are eligible for this program.

Chittaranjan Locomotive Works Recruitment 2014 Para Medical Staff in West Bengal, Last Date : 29 Dec 2014

Indian RailwayChittaranjan Locomotive Works Recruitment for Para Medical Staff in West Bengal

Eligibility : BSc, Diploma
Location : West Bengal
Job Category : Govt Jobs, Diploma, BSc/BCA/BCM, Walkin, Health Care
Last Date : 29 Dec 2014
Job Type : Full Time
Hiring Process : Walk - In

Chittaranjan Locomotive Works Recruitment 2014 - Job Details

Para Medical Staff  Job vacancies in Chittaranjan Locomotive Works (CLW) on contract basis
Name of the PostQualificationNo. of PostPay ScaleAge Limit
1Staff Nurse
B. Sc degree in General Nursing/ Midwife
 07Rs. 21,19020-40 Yrs
Passed class 12th/ HSC with Science & Diploma in Pharmacy
04Rs. 12,190 20-35 Yrs

How to apply

Walk-in-interview will be held on 29/12/2014 at 10.30 Hrs. in K.G. Hospital/ CLW/ Chittaranjan

SAIL Recruitment 2014 Operator cum Technician Trainee in Jharkhand, Last Date : 24 Dec 2014

SAIL (Durgapur)SAIL Recruitment 2014 - Operator cum Technician Trainee

Eligibility : Diploma(Ceramic, Chem, Civil, Electrical, Mech, Metallurgical)
Location : Bokaro
Job Category : Govt Jobs, Others, Diploma
Last Date : 24 Dec 2014
Job Type : Full Time
Hiring Process : Written-test

SAIL (Bokaro Steel Plant) - Job Details

Advt. No. BSL/R/2014-02
Operator cum Technician Trainee recruitment in Steel Authority of India Ltd.
Si.No.Post Name                    QualificationDepartment No.of Post
1Operator cum Technician
Trainee, S-3
Matriculation & Three years full time Diploma in Engineering from
Govt. recognized institute in any of the following disciplines: Metallurgy, Mechanical Electrical, Civil, Chemical, Ceramics
Pay Scale (S-3 Regular Grade): Rs. 16800-24110
Upper Age Limit: 28 yrs. (as on 01/11/2014 .)
Selection Procedure: Eligible candidates will be required to appear in Written Examination. On the basis of their performance in the Written Examination they will be called for Interview
Training & Probation :Candidates selected as Operator-cum-Technician (Trainee) will be placed on training for a minimum period of 2 (two) years which may be extended by another two years as per requirement. On successful completion of training period, they shall be regularized in S-3 Grade in the pay scale of Rs. 16800/-3%-24110/-. After successful completion of Training, Candidates shall be placed under probation for 1 year.
Application & Processing Fees: State Bank of India has been authorized to collect the application and processing fee, in a specially opened account (SBI Power Jyoti A/c No. 31877168126 maintained by SBI sector 4, B.S.City branch), on behalf of SAIL/Bokaro Steel Plant. Candidate has to approach the nearby SBI branch with a printout of the “SBI Challan” which is available on the Application Registration Portal.
PostCategoryApplication & Processing Fee
Operator cum Technician
General , OBCRs. 250
Departmental Candidates,
Locally Displaced Person
Rs. 50
SC/ST/PwD candidates are exempted from payment of Application & Processing fees.

How to apply

Eligible and interested candidates would be required to apply Online. Closing date for submitting applications through website :24/12/2014.
Click Here For Details                                                       Apply Online

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Off-Campus Recruitment - CodeGenesis Hiring Freshers as Android and Game Developer, Apply ASAP

Off-Campus Recruitment 2014 - CodeGenesis Conducting Off-Campus Drive for Freshers as Android and Game Developer

Job Description
  • Candidate must work independently with minimal guidance and supervision on highly complex, technically advanced projects
  • Candidate should have a solid professional development background with an understanding of Software Architecture and Design
  • Candidate will be involved in Developing cutting edge projects writing high quality code, providing technical guidance, leadership, and oversight on assigned projects
  • Candidate should help grow the technical knowledge and skills of other developers
  • Develop and maintain Apps and some Architecting.
Skills Required :
  • The candidate needs to have a high logical ability and high computer programming ability
  • Extensive knowledge of the Android SDK, API is preferable.
  • Experience in developing/ testing/ integrating Android applications would be an added advantage
  • Strong in Java coding experience.
  • Good understanding of OOPS Concepts, Design Patterns
  • Ability to think out of the box and should be able to work with minimal direction
Interview Process:
  • Written test Technical
  • Technical and HR Final Round (Face to Face)
  • Job Responsibilities: Android and Game DeveloperEducation: B.Tech/B.E.Work Ex: 0 - 1 yrsSalary: 2.5 - 3 LPAIndustry: IT
Salary: 2.5 LPA - 3 LPA (During Probation a Stipend of Rs.12000 will be given)
Probation / Training Period: 6 months
Desired experience: 0-1 Year
Bond: None
Tentative date of interview: Will be communicated post registration window is closed.
Tentative date of joining: Immediate
Location: Noida
Note: Apply Before the Job is Expired
About The Company
CodeGenesis is team of enthusiastic developers and creative artists. They have experience in creating excellent quality mobile games and applications on android, iOS, Windows and Blackberry. So far they have developed more than 100 applications and more than 10 games successfully.