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Kerala:- Municipal Secretary Gr.III. - Urban Affairs Department.

GAZETTE DATE : 30.04.2009
LAST DATE : 03.06.2009
CATEGORY No : 102/2009 to 104/2009

1. Department : Urban Affairs Department.
2. Name of Post : Municipal Secretary Gr.III.
3. Scale of Pay : Rs. 11070 – 18450/-
4. Number of Vacancies : 5 (Open market)
Note:-3% vacancies of this post is reserved for eligible physically handicapped
candidates as per rules.
5. No. of candidates likelyto be included in the list : No. of candidates likely to be included in the
Mainlist/Supplimentarylist (Short list/Probabilitylist) will be decided later in accordance with the availability of qualified candidates.
The above vacancy is now in existence. The list of selected candidates published by the Commission in response to this notification shall remain in force for a minimum period of one year provided that the said list will continue to be in force till the publication of a new list after the expiry of the minimum period of one year or till the expiry of three years whichever is earlier. Candidates will be advised from the said list against the vacancy noted above and that may be reported to the commission in writing during the period of currency of the list.
6. Method of appointment
Direct Recruitment
Category No.102/09
(1) From open market candidates.
Category No.103/09

(2) From among persons in Municipal Common Service who are holding any post, the scale of pay admissible to which is not less than that of an Upper Division Clerk and who have put in not less than 3 years on duty in Municipal Common Service in any such post or posts.
Category No.104/09

(3) From among persons in the Department of Urban Affairs, who are holding any post in the Department carrying Scale of pay not less than that admissible to an Upper Division Clerk, and who have put in not less than 3 years on duty in the Department in any such post or posts.

Note : (i) Out of every eight appointment to this post, four shall be made by the first method, three by second method and the remaining one by the third method.

(ii) The appointments specified in Note (i) shall be made in the following order of rotation
(1) Direct recruitment from Open Market.
(2) Direct recruitment from Municipal Common Service.
(3) Direct recruitment from the Department of Urban Affairs.
(4) Direct recruitment from Open Market.
(5) Direct recruitment from Municipal Common Service.
(6) Direct recruitment from Open Market.
(7) Direct recruitment from Municipal Common Service.
(8) Direct recruitment from Open Market.
(iii) If not suitable candidates are available for appointment by direct
recruitment by the second or third method of appointment, Vacancies so
remaining shall be filled up by the first method, ie, direct recruitment
from open market candidates.
(iv) To prove the Service in the Department of Urban affairs or Municipal
Common Service, the candidates should produce Service Ceritificates (in
original) from the Head of Department as and when called for.
(1) Name of candidate :
(2) Post now held with the Scale of Pay :
(3) Department :
(4) Details of Service

Name of the post, Scale of Pay…………………………………………………………
………………Duration from ……………. To …………………. The above details were verified with the service Book and found correct.

Name and designation & Address of the
Head of Office/Department.
(Office Seal)

7. Age Limit.

Address to which applications are to be sent:



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